Angel Reiki

Come and experience the wonderful energy healing that helps heal the body, mind and soul. Angel Reiki draws on the loving energy from the Angels and Ascending Masters and is truly non denominational.

Angel Reiki is very gentle and loving. People that have experienced other forms of Reiki describe Angel Reiki as being much gentler: you feel less of the energy flowing through you and more of it around you and encompassing  with love and care.

I may also use crystals to help support your healing and rose quartz is one of my favourites as to enhances the nurturing healing of Angel Reiki.

Reiki is derived from a Japenese words Rei and Ki meaning universal life energy. Healing energy is channelled through the healer to the recipient.

How can Angel Reiki help?

A session of Angel Reiki is a truly magical experience.  To take time just for you is a major healing experience in itself, especially when our lives are so busy and stressed.  But Angel Reiki also has many other benefits including:

  • enhancing your body’s own natural ability to heal
  • helping to eliminate energy blocks
  • helping to relieve stress, anxiety & depression
  • promoting relaxation & helping insomnia
  • bringing a great sense of calm and inner peace

I work from my home in Eastbourne, East Sussex as my healing space there is truly magical and relaxing.

What to expect from a session 

You can book an appointment for for either an hour or just half an hour. All you need to do is to take your shoes off, lie down on  a comfortable treatment couch and relax.  However, treatments can also be given seated in a comfortable chair if you would prefer. I will also sometimes use crystals to support the healing.

No two clients are the same but all say how they feel a great sense of relaxation and peace.  Sometimes you may start to sneeze or cough, or even laugh. Don’t worry it’s just your body’s natural reaction to the gentle healing energy.



What clients have said

I’ve had a Usui Reiki healing session before, it was a mystical experience and changed my life. When offered an Angel Reiki session with Louise I was thrilled. The times were testing, so I was very eager to bathe in the unconditionally loving energy of the angels. Throughout the session Louise held me in a gentle, kind and loving space while the angels were doing their work. I saw them working alongside Louise, healing me in so many ways. After the session I was filled with a deep sense of peace, calm and joy. I’m so grateful to Louise for the beautiful energy she brought into my life!

Janno, Eastbourne


The Angel Reiki that I received from Lousie was a gentle, relaxing and a beautiful experience. I felt very calm, centred and relaxed after the session. I would definitely have more Angel Reiki sessions – it was lovely.

Carole, Newhaven


A member of the HPAI Healer Practitioner Association International



Louise Clare works from her home in Eastbourne, East Sussex as the healing space there is truly magical and relaxing.