Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a massage technique that is based on old Ayurvedic practices. Traditionally it was used in Indian homes by wives and mothers. It has played an important part in their daily lives for over a thousand years, being used on a daily basis for relaxation, healing and to relieve tension. Oils would be used which helped with conditioning hair and the choice of oils would be made according to the season. The techniques were passed from generation to generation.  It was given the name ‘Champissage’ or ‘Champi’, which is where we get our modern term ‘Shampoo’ from

When coming for a treatment with me, the first thing is that you are getting out of a busy and often very stressful environment so my treatment rooms offer you the opportunity to escape just for a while into a space that is just for you.

After that the Indian Head Massage treatment takes over. It relaxes the mind and works on the upper chakras – the crown, the brow, the throat chakra and the heart chakra which helps clear the blockages which helps to increase energy flows and allows the body to heal. As our chakras work from top to bottom as we clear the upper chakras healing will flow to the lower chakras and unblock them.

Narendra Mehta was born in Gujarat in 1947 and brought up in Mumbai, India. He travelled to England in the 1970s to study. He was surprised when the Champissage was left out of his visit to the barbers so as he was missing his previously regular massages so went to a massage therapist. But whilst he received a full body massage, his head was left untouched. So in 1978 he returned to India to study Champissage and travelled around India learning different techniques. From this knowledge he put together his own routine for an Indian Head Massage and returned to England where4 began to introduce what we know as Indian Head Massage. In an interview he once said:

“My object is my hands, because, being blind, I see with my hands and I work with my hands. Instead of two eyes, I’ve got ten eyes – my ten fingers are my eyes. My profession is based on the skill of my hands, and the health of my hands.”

He opened his clinic, the London Centre of Indian Champissage (head massage) in 1990.

Routines taught are based on Narendra Mehta’s massage although there is some variation. For me, each Indian Head Massage is slightly different as I work intuitively and will provide what I feel my client needs.

If you are interested in trying out this wonderful therapy then please contact me – Louise Clare.


Louise Clare works from her home in Eastbourne, East Sussex as the healing space there is truly magical and relaxing.