Goddess Lakshmi – Bright Future

“Stop worrying. Everything is going to be fine”
Lakshmi is a beautiful Hindu Goddess who represents wealth and prosperity in both material and spiritual ways. She can help us bring love, beauty and happiness into our lives.
I feel this card is appearing towards the end of the working year, which for many will be tomorrow. I know from running my own business that for many people January starts with a renewed energy and optimism to move forward in our chosen fields. But for those ending the year with uncertainties and worries of how things will go in 2013, Lakshmi offering to be by your side and work with you. Lakshmi will also bring in the energies of Ganesh who helps us overcome obstacles and together they are a formidable team that can work with you. Also remember the power of manifestations and affirmations, all of which will give you strength and determination to bring new opportunities into the year ahead.

Louise Clare works from her home in Eastbourne, East Sussex as the healing space there is truly magical and relaxing.