“Who is a healer?”

Well I am – I’m qualified as a spiritual healer and also offer healing as an Angel Reiki Master, and healing in other forms, including talk healing such as counselling.
But am I really a healer. I would dispute it because the healing is not come from me. With the treatments I offer the healing is being transmitted through me from the higher powers of angels and ascending masters, it flows from them through me and to you by way of my hands.
And with talk therapies – counselling and sometimes, but not always, angel card readings – I will describe myself as a facilitator. Why? Because I believe that we all know what is right and good for us; what our difficulties, problems and fears are and how to deal with them. Now many of you will be saying but I don’t that’s why I’m coming to you or why I am seeing another wellbeing specialist. But what I do is simply help you to unlock the answers that are there but have become buried and hidden deep within you. I help you release all that is good.

And remember we are all healers – or rather facilitators of healing – in one way or another – the mum that rubs the nasty graze on her child’s knee, the words of kindness and understanding to a distressed friend – all is healing.

Louise Clare works from her home in Eastbourne, East Sussex as the healing space there is truly magical and relaxing.