Indian Head Massage with Louise Clare

Indian head massage is probably the most popular treatment I offer. It is enjoyed by both men and women, and I am able to offer this treatment to youngsters too providing a parent comes with them. It is a wonderful way to relax and de-stress, and let go of  the busy, hectic world for just a short while. I had said previously that I love the flexibility of it. Great to take out to holistic fairs, workplaces, networking events etc where the massage can be given fully clothed – either 20 minutes or a short 10 minute taster. But by far the best way is a full 40 minute Indian head massage, given with oils in my beautiful tranquil treatment rooms, which start the relaxation process the minute you walk in.

I use a wonderful range of blended oils from Purple Flame aromatherapy – Inner Calm, Head Soother and Unwind. Before you arrive, I sit quietly for a few minutes and meditate on the treatment. I then choose the oil I feel is best suited for your needs. However, before the massage commences I will ask you to smell the oil to make sure that it is the right one. If you don’t like it then we try one of the others. I have a number of Mums who have bought their daughters for Indian head massages, and for them I will use a light blend of Mandarin and Sweet Almond oil as Mandarin is one of the gentlest essential oils. If you’ve not been to me before I will need to take some basic details and short medical history. I will then ask what you want from the treatment and explain the massage to you before we go through to the inner treatment room.

Here you will sit in a comfortable chair, the white wicker chairs in the photo, while I sit behind you. There will be gentle music playing during the massage. If at anytime you don’t like something – perhaps you are cold, the music is too loud or something in the massage is uncomfortable then just tell me and we can adjust it for you. The most important thing is this is your time and you need to enjoy it totally.

When I have finished I will gently touch your shoulder and you can take as much time as you like before joining me in the outer room.

None of my clients are rushed so there will be time after to ask any questions and to book another appointment if you wish to.

You can learn more about Indian head massage in one of my earlier blog articles.

If you would like to book an appointment or discuss setting up a de-stress afternoon at your workplace  then contact me.

I am based near the Sovereign centre in a quiet street close to buses and with easy parking. There is also off street parking.

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Louise Clare works from her home in Eastbourne, East Sussex as the healing space there is truly magical and relaxing.