Goddess Maeve – Cycles and Rhythms

Maeve is a warrior Goddess of Ireland and it is said she worshipped at the ancient mystical site of Tara. She is also a Goddess of sovereignty, fertility, personal power and of the earth and this card tells us to:

“Honor the cycles of your body, energy levels, and emotions”

What better message to give today as people are gearing up for Christmas. What does Christmas mean for you – excitement, joy , giving to those special people in your life? Or maybe it is stress, tension, strain, arguments, pressure? But whether Christmas is great for you or very hard, this card reminds us of the importance to take care of ourselves – to love ourselves and honour what our needs are. How many of us truly look after ourselves? It’s all too easy to put our needs on the back burner so as to look after children, partners, parents but if we aren’t OK that how can we look after anyone else. A wise friend said remember why flying we are always told to put on our own oxygen masks before helping others.

So remember you deserve your own love and care. Honour what you need physically and emotionally, and look after your energy levels – if you need to take a break then take it – put your feet up with a cuppa for half an hour! I bet you’ll achieve much more after that much needed break and all the preparation will still all be done in time.

With love and blessings


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Louise Clare works from her home in Eastbourne, East Sussex as the healing space there is truly magical and relaxing.