Louise Clare Launches in Eastbourne

I simply cannot believe it is October already – the 1st to be precise and the day of my official launch in Eastbourne.

At the beginning of the year I had no idea that I would be moving from the home I had shared with my husband. But it began to feel like I needed to move and as that feeling got stronger I thought about where I wanted to be – and Eastbourne kept popping into my mind.  No sooner had I made the decision than the perfect home appeared.

In fact it was almost more than perfect offering me the opportunity to have two wonderful spaces to work out of – the ‘Sanctuary’ for wonderful treatments:

- and also a great space to talk – which I knew would be perfect for Holistic Counselling and Card Readings

So, having moved in May I’ve been busy working to prepare for the launch of Louise Clare Holistics and today is the day. I look forward to welcoming friends, family, business acquaintances to celebrate with me today :)

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Louise Clare works from her home in Eastbourne, East Sussex as the healing space there is truly magical and relaxing.