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The right path for you?

mountain path largterA holiday in Greece is a break I very much needed – an opportunity to have some quiet, quality me time. To recharge my batteries and to think.

So there I was swimming casually in the beautiful sea, with mountains all around me when I am drawn to the mountain straight ahead. I feel my guides drawing my attention to a clearly defined cross on the hills and ask them what they are showing me.

No, they say, not a crucifix cross, look again, look more carefully. Ah yes, it’s like a crossroads of paths.

Let’s go to the centre, that’s where we must all begin. Now you have four directions to choose but what does each offer?

Straight ahead you will see a steep path, leading upwards. That path will be hard, and see the path turns slightly the higher you get so you are walking into the unknown. That can be scary and you need to trust if you wish to walk that path. But when you get to the top it is an amazing experience, a great achievement and wonderful view. The rewards will be many.  But remember you have to reach the top, overcoming the obstacles that might hinder your progress, because if you get lost and give up, you will end up back where you started – having learnt nothing, having achieved nothing.

Then there are the paths that go left and right. Both circle the mountain and get right back to where you started.

The path isn’t that hard but there will be a few bumps along the way. The path to the right is the one you will take when you keep making the same mistakes in life. You go round and round, never getting anywhere, never progressing and wondering why.

The path to the left is when you choose to stay where you are in life. This may be because you fear the unknown and think that to change anything will not be good.

Or it may be because you need to take a rest right now. Perhaps your last few journeys have been up the steep path and you need a breather.

Or it could be for other reasons you need a fairly calm path and to maintain the status quo – carer duties, children, supporting a partner are but a few reasons why.

Or maybe you happy where you are in your life right now and have no wish or reason to make any changes.

Finally there is that slippery slope down which is far more painful when you fall and keep sliding down, unable to stop. And what happens at the bottom? Maybe you’re too hurt to even look up and find yourself in total despair, or you look up and the path back to centre is just too hard.

But you can make it back. It takes time, effort and determination but you can do it and will do it when the time is right – not when someone tells you but when you know it’s the right time for you.

So what path are you on in your life right now? If you know it’s not the right path and it’s not getting you to where you want to be – look at why and what is stopping you. If you would like some help getting back on the right path, I may be able to help you.

photo credit: DSC_2172-1-2 via photopin (license)

Louise Clare works from her home in Eastbourne, East Sussex as the healing space there is truly magical and relaxing.